As Sunday was the first  real day when the team was able to clear up the debris and rubbish from the  outflows of both the River Twyver and the Sudbrook since the bad weather, it was all hands on deck. We were pleased to see the newly installed replacement for the damaged interpretation board. Also on this particular workday, there were a lot of people coming to visit the site and feed the ducks. However at the moment , the ducks are breeding and are hidden from view. It won’t be long before the females mallards are out , parading with their offspring.

Please remember to keep your dogs out of the pond during the nesting season and  if you are feeding the ducks , please bring grain, greens or wildbird seeds which is available at the local shop rather than bread.

As a long-time volunteer with Friends of Saintbridge Pond (FOSP), I really admire some of my fellow volunteers who work during the week, as well as  on Sundays, who are currently redeveloping part of the woodland walk. Not only has the path been diverted  but in it its place, in time, will be a lovely mixed hedgerow that will back drop to the new viewing area.

Most dog walkers and visitors to the site would have noticed that the area below the new path has been disturbed. This will be grassed over eventually and the wooden seat will be cemented and secured in place. As a conservation group, we haven’t developed this like a formal area, e.g. municipal gardens or flower beds, but a working environment  and a pleasant spot to watch the sun go down on awarm summer’s day.

Please help us maintain the pond and surrounding area by making a donation to help fund the work we do as volunteers. You’ll be helping us with your donation, 100% of funds received go to the work we do in conservation.[paypal_donation_button]