One of the reasons I moved to my house in Abbeydale was the lovely view over Sudbrook and the greenery beyond it.

After some time of living in Abbeydale, I noticed that my pretty view was being spoiled by litter…so I went out and collected the rubbish. A few months later, I became an official voluntary litter picker for my local area. Quite often, I would paddle along Sudbrook in my wellies, using my litter grabber to remove rubbish from the water. Then it occurred to me that there would be other items that I had not retrieved and that would be washed down the brook – where would they end up? In Saintbridge Pond, looking a mess, causing harm to wildlife and hampering the flow of the water.

Sudbrook is near my house, so I have a vested interest in making sure that water from the brook can flow into Saintbridge Pond easily and safely. I had seen one of the information boards about FOSP, went along to the pond one Sunday morning and met some of the volunteers. I liked the positive difference that the FOSP volunteers were making to the environment – and I became one of them.


Please help us maintain the pond and surrounding area by making a donation to help fund the work we do as volunteers. You’ll be helping us with your donation, 100% of funds received go to the work we do in conservation.[paypal_donation_button]