Spring/Summer News Updates 2019

It has been a busy time at the pond and in our allotments. The FOSP AGM provided us with an opportunity to look at what we have...

Big Butterfly Count 2019

The Big Butterfly Count For the third year running, FOSPNR and Green Abbey joined forces to organise our own local contribution to the nationwide Big Butterfly Count. The FOSP...

NOT the Time for Garden Bonfires!

Someone is smoking out half of Barnwood with their selfish inconsiderate garden bonfire. Our whole house now reeks with choking smoke. With the respiratory covid19 disease pandemic...

Latest Amphibian Survey 2020

Frogs & Toads around the SitesScientifically there is no real distinction between frogs & toads. 'Frog' relates to the movement of hopping and this creature...

No Mow May 2020

Every Flower Counts will take place this year from 23rd to 31st May.Plantlife would like you not to mow your lawn and let the flowers...

Leave Your Barbecue at Home

Thinking of having a barbecue in the countryside? Don't, with hot, dry weather like this, there’s an increased risk of wildfires.Just one spark from your fire or...

CAT Outdoor Family Activities

Here is a site to help you with your environmental studies in and around the pond and also to carry out in your own open...

Spring Cleaning Around the Pond

The group turned out in force on Sunday 21st April to tidy up the site for a forthcoming Green Flag visit. Most of the work had been...

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