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Monday, January 24, 2022

Three Spined Stickleback in The River Twyver

The picture above is of a 1994 Faroe Islands postage stamp with three-spined stickleback.  Its Scientific name: Gasterosteus aculaeatus. A diminutive but aggressive predator, the three-spined stickleback...

Little Egrets Sightings

The Little Egret - Egretta garzetta   We have three resident birds on our reserve so here is a little information for you. Whether they will breed or not...

Ducks – F.W. Harvey

I f you find yourself around the pond and looking out over the reed beds towards the island, a famous poem comes to mind from a local...

Bluebell Planting 2019

Today, the team pulled together to plant 2000 British Bluebell bulbs. The weather was overcast as FOSP members started out but it began to brighten up. We...

Big Butterfly Count 2019

The Big Butterfly Count For the third year running, FOSPNR and Green Abbey joined forces to organise our own local contribution to the nationwide Big Butterfly Count. The FOSP...

Spring/Summer News Updates 2019

It has been a busy time at the pond and in our allotments. The FOSP AGM provided us with an opportunity to look at what we have...

Bird Sightings August 2017

August was a very good month for birds at Saintbridge Pond Local Nature Reserve. The highlights included the Little Egret which was seen on the 6th of...

Wildlife Watching

Kingfishers Kingfishers are small unmistakable bright blue and orange birds of slow moving or still water. They fly rapidly, low over water, and hunt fish from riverside perches,...