Queen’s Jubilee Arch @ Saintbridge Pond

Thanks to donations from several sources (including local residents, Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucester City Council & other kind donations, we have secured the funds to commission a Jubilee Arch in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Jubilee Arch is 10ft high and will sit across the path before the bridge at the Sudbrook river and Skylark Way.

Included in the design are spiders and webs, frogs, birds, bluebells, slugs, ladybirds and Ox Eye daisies surrounded by bull rushes on either side meeting in the centre and it has been commissioned to a very talented artist “MissFire”. Please feel free to check out her website.

The picture above shows the concept drawing as well as a photo of a similar bridge (which is still in place unscathed for over twenty years) at the Wyre Estuary Nature Reserve in Fleetwood.  

Unfortunately we are short by £1500.00 for the installation, and once again we are asking for your help and kindness in raising this additional money to complete the project.

Please assist us by donating what you can to help us bring this project to an end to mark the celebration of the Queen’s Momentus Platinum Jubilee.

You can find details of how you can donate on our donation page @ https://fosp.org.uk/donations/

Please retweet / tell your friends and family etc. From all of the volunteers @ fosp we thank you in advance for your ongoing support and kindness.