Woodland walk

We, at FOSP, are unpaid volunteers that perform all the tasks necessary to provide the wildlife a relevant and worthy habitat and for the visiting public an amenity that can bring people of all ages a sense of peace, well-being and fun.

FOSP is a ‘non-profit’ organisation. We need funds from various sources to help us create and maintain this through continual effort by the organisation.  We need enough to ensure that we can act on our seasonal plans and maintenance of the environment by having enough for consumables, appropriate tooling, planting and soil conditioning requirements, and safety equipment. We aim to keep everyone informed of our plans, projects and funding (including status of funding and other funding news) for the site through this page and our ‘Projects‘ and our ‘Planning‘ pages on this site.

“Every little helps us – in a VERY big way”. (All donations go directly to FOSP&NR)

If we find an opportunity we also seek funding from Private funding initiatives whenever possible and reduction in costs to FOSP through sponsorship from local businesses.

For your security we recommend that you donate via PayPal.

Please help us maintain the pond and surrounding area by making a donation to help fund the work we do as volunteers. You’ll be helping us with your donation, 100% of funds received go to the work we do in conservation. [paypal_donation_button]


Fox on a frost morning