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Hello Everyone

Following the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we are all in extraordinary measures. Since holding our AGM on March 1st, Friends of Saintbridge Pond has been working on-site were possible for the past month.

After some great thought and a discussion with the Chair, it has been decided that the normal Sunday workdays have been suspended, in accordance with Government guidelines.

As of the 5th of April 2020, there will be no group meetings for the foreseeable future. These measures are in place for the health and safety of the individuals in the group and their immediate families. We also wish to protect the general public at large.

However In the meantime…

There is a body of work which is needs carrying out on the allotments and FOSP won’t discourage any individual from working by themselves on both sites.

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After speaking to the Chair, and on looking around, there is as always plenty of jobs that can be done individually or as a working couple whilst observing all precautions with regards to current government guidelines.

We have hazel whips that need to be planted.

The small tree that came down and partially covers the Skylark woodland corner need dismembering and the remnants placed with the other timber and cuttings alongside the Sudbrook filter trap.

If anyone would care to assist the chair in bringing the community gardens back into cultivation and further its development. They are more than welcome.

There is plenty of clearing and cutting back of vegetation on the maintenance side of things in and around the reserve.

Anytime you can spend on-site individually will help FOSP enormously and so prepare the site as best as we can this year, during this current crisis. Before you consider whether or not you can contribute some time to the FOSP allotments etc please read the following mandatory guidelines.

Health & Safety Requirements

Currently, you may or may not be aware that Gloucester City Council has allowed access to the allotments for plot owners and immediate family. Therefore, as long as you as an individual is over 2 metres plus from the other person, you can work on our FOSP allotments plot.


If you bring your own tools, please do not share them with anyone else and if you have to use those from the communal shed, please ensure that you are wearing gloves at all times and clean any handles with bleach, wipes or other anti-bacterial agents before putting them back.  Please clean your own gloves and tools too before leaving or as soon as possible on returning home.

Please contact the secretary regarding time spent on-site either by text or email with hours and tasks completed. These collated records will be important in showing Gloucester City Council how much time and effort has gone into maintaining our presence at Saintbridge during this 2020.

With regards

The FOSP Committee