The board was removed once the outer part had been broken off

On Wednesday 26th December, the interpretation board which had recently been replaced was found to have been demolished beyond repair, in its current position. Luckily, unlike the first one, a group member was able to salvage the main board which is now safely in storage.

All F.O.S.P. members are deeply disappointed at these turn of events and are looking to the future to continually improve the site for the benefit for the area and the surrounding community.

If you are a regular walker or visitor to the site and happen to see either signs or are witnessing criminal damage to the site, please contact the local police by ringing 101.

Please have the following details ready, if possible:

  • The date and time of the crime.
  • Details of acts or damage inflicted on site.
  • Unique details physical descriptions of those involved a car registration number.
  • Contact details of anyone who witnessed the crime.
  • Information about any evidence that could help our investigation.

It will be gratefully be appreciated by all concerned who are connected with Saintbridge balancing pond, the allotments and local community.


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