Hi Everyone,
Just to note to everyone in the group and prospective volunteers that our fortnightly meets are taking place every 1st & 3rd Sunday of Every Month.   There are opportunities to work within the week on our allotments or around the reserve too.

Taking into consideration, COVID -19 rules, we meet at 10.00 am at the Green Container and work in twos or threes around the pond or on the allotments, carrying out whatever tasks are needed. please bring your own refreshments etc until we have further government guidance about sharing items.


We now have quite a few volunteers now and as vice-chair, I would like to thank you all for your continuing dedication and devotion to our cause, which is creating a green space, building a rapport with the local community, and making our green lung ‘breath’. Again, we can’t do this without you so THANK YOU ONE AND ALL.

To Prospective Volunteers

If you are thinking of joining us please use contactus@fosp.org.uk or talk to the FOSP members around the pond reserve or on the allotments throughout the week. They will be able to point you in the right direction to join this exciting community project which has been an escape for many over the past six months during this pandemic.

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If you are a FOSP regular, I look forward to seeing you on our fortnightly workdays or in the week. If you are enquiring about Friends of Saintbridge pond, I look forward to hearing from you.

best regards

Tony B

FOSP Vice-Chair & Acting Secretary