FOSP & SAGA 1 - clearance

Friends of Saintbridge Pond & Saintbridge Allotment Gardens Association Joint Activity Took place on Sunday 23rd February.

A joint working party cleared an area of woodland to make way for the proposed site for a splash pond for the wildfowl which frequent the area. It will act as a natural haven for the young ducklings and their parents which cannot find shelter amongst the reeds and nearby waterways.

The wood that was removed, like any other crop, will be put to the allotment holders for use on their plots.

The young whips were stacked and cut into 8ft long poles, ideal for bean sticks or whatever use they could be put too. Please consult SAGA site for details about their future availability at or speak to Steve if you see him on site.

FOSP & SAGA 2 - stacking poles
Poles ready to dry out and for use on the allotments.

FOSP & SAGA 7 - working groupIt is hoped that applied funding will bring this project to fruition in the near future. The numbers of wildfowl are quite diverse with the regular mallards joined by Teal, Moorhens, and Coots. Visiting swans drop in but keep a close eye out for the Water Rail and Kingfisher.

FOSP & SAGA 4 - together


FOSP & SAGA 8 cleared site

This is Site as it stands now but keep an eye on the area and look out for any changes.

The nearest postcode is GL4 7PS (click for map)