Mission Statement

Saintbridge pond and nature reserve

Mission Statement.

To conserve, protect, restore, develop the natural resources, animal and plant life of the pond and surrounding area and support the provision of an amenity for the visiting public.


The group will undertake practical conservation work on the site.
The group will under take other activities in furtherance of the aims and objectives, as the members see fit.

A lovely place for all to relax and enjoy


  • Maintain the primary function as a flood defence – under the authority of the Environment Agency.
  • Manage all aspects of the FOSP & NR organisational structure and administration.
  • Sympathetic and appropriate level of habitat management (zones identified herein) within the boundaries of the Saintbridge Balancing Pond.
  • Seek specialist advice where appropriate in support of these objectives and the labour provided by the volunteer staff.
  • Monitor, maintain and encourage [existing and new] species to survive and flourish in appropriately prepared habitats.
  • Report any anti-social behaviour, vandalism, fly tipping, dog excrement or any environmental incident (includes pollution) to the appropriate authorities.
  • Ensure that any litter or other discarded items collected is stored appropriately for collection by the City Council.
  • Keep the visiting public informed of FOSP activities either using any available various types of media or simply by talking with them.
  • Recruit more volunteers to FOSP.
  • Protecting FOSP or the volunteers personal data.
  • Cooperate with the local authorities to maintain a good working relationship for the benefit of FOSP.
  • Provide opportunities for members of FOSP to develop new skills needed to enhance and maintain the Saintbridge Balancing Pond environment.
  • FOSP to gain recognition and certification/registration from local and national environmental and ecological related schemes or awards where possible.
  • Working with SA&GA to progress and develop the whole site utilising their skills , knowledge and expertise for their mutual benefit and the community.
Young and old enjoy the peace and tranquility of the pond and nature reserve