What do you see? An open space or a green desert?

Every Flower Counts will take place this year from 23rd to 31st May.

Plantlife would like you not to mow your lawn and let the flowers grow increasing the number of pollinators in urban settings. When it comes to providing vital nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects, every flower counts. 


Your lawn can potentially provide that feast.

By taking part in brand new citizen science activities, we will show you how much nectar the flowers in your lawn are producing.

The more wildflowers you have in your lawn – and the more types of wildflowers – the more nectar will be produced. If you #SayNoMow and leave areas of your lawn unmown, you’re likely to have many more wildflowers and lots more nectar.

From your results, we will calculate a National Nectar Index to show how lawns across Britain are helping to feed our pollinators. We’ll also reveal the top ten lawn flowers in Britain and show you how to increase the number of flowers in your lawn.

We’ll be asking you to get out and look at your lawn during the week from Saturday 23rd to Sunday 31st May.