These are some of the volunteers who helped with the raised beds pictured with Cllr Andrew Gravells who sponsored the project. The project ran over 1 year from inception to completion. Many hours were done by FOSP volunteers some of whom are pictured here. Several other volunteers helped over the winter months of 2020/2021.

Pictured with Cllr Andrew Gravells are some of the volunteers who helped to erect the sheep at Pine Close around the Saintbridge Pond & Nature Reserve
The 5 sheep’s names are Ewe’an Baabara Ewenice Ramsay and Baarnaby which were put there to encourage little ones to sit on them and learn about the nature around them.
This was part of the same project as the raised beds in the community gardens.

Volunteers also planted 2000 bulbs around the pond area, and Spinney such as wild cyclamen, snowdrops, wild bluebells, wood anemone and wild primrose.
Volunteer Charlie erected shelving in the Friends storage container which has been very useful.