This page will provide the visitor with information about our Future, Current, and Past projects. If a project has not yet started but is planned, as agreed by the committee and/or the Head Warden, it will be categorised as a ‘Future’ project. Ongoing ‘Current’ projects will be updated as a project schedule as a news item/post (including progress information using other media) and will only become a “past’ project on completion.

Future Project(s):

  1. Clearing out debris from the Pond – tbd
  2. Maintenance Plan
  3. Recruitment
  4. Others – tbd

Current Project(s):

Work is being carried out to prepare the Wet Meadow and the Spinney for the planting of woodland an wet meadow plants so that the coverage that ws witnessed by visitors last Spring/Summer will be further enhanced and we expect that come Spring 2019 the results of our labour will be noticed by all visitors. A bid has been prepared for funding – FOSP (Aviva Community Fund 2018) Reduced size.

The breakdown of this project is as follows:

1. 400 litre tipping wheelbarrow = £ 493 (this will help with making us more efficient in our work – we currently have only one 200 litre wheel barrow)

Delivery = £70

Sub-Total = £563

2. MushroomCompost(forsoilconditioningbeforeplanting)=£450

3. The plants/bulbs.

Bluebell bulbs = 3000 units

Snowdrop ” = 2000 units
Wild daffodils = 500 units
Wild garlic = 1000 units
Wood anemone = 2000 units
Winter aconite = 1000 units
Wild cyclamen = 500 units
Wild primrose plant plugs = 100 units
Meadow buttercup (ranunculus acris) = 100 units @ £54 Ragged robin ( ychnis flos-cuculi) = 100 units @ £54

Sub-Total = £1841 (incl VAT+p&p)

4. Publicity and recruitment of volunteers (PR media).

500 Business Cards = £31.19 (incl VAT)

1000 A5 (Premium Paper) Flyers = £48.57 (incl VAT)

Sub-Total = £89.76 (incl VAT+p&p)

Total for project = £2944

We are currently applying for funding to AVIVA Community Fund for this amount but it will not be available until the beginning of February – so – in order that we may cover this cost to enable us to meet our seasonal milestone for before Christmas 2018 – please help with a donation using our ‘Donation‘ page.

Past Project(s):

New bench on Cheyney Bank over looking a previous project to clear and seed the bank with wild meadow plants – completed at the end of the ‘heat-wave’ in 2018.


to celebrate Anne & Barry.


Head Warden admiring his work and testing bench for comfort and strength.


Other Past Projects:

Duck Feeding area +

Please help us maintain the pond and surrounding area by making a donation to help fund the work we do as volunteers. You’ll be helping us with your donation, 100% of funds received go to the work we do in conservation.[paypal_donation_button]