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As vice-chair and acting secretary of the Friends of Saintbridge Pond (FOSP), I’m representing all our members. Our group looks after the balancing pond located between most or near to your wards. We are green flag winners for two years running. Visit the website for more details The Green Flag Award scheme recognises and rewards well-managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.

I fear that local vandalism and anti-social behaviour are beginning to rise during this current pandemic. In all the history of The Friends…, we have had a little graffiti problem but this is a defined tag of a local individual or group.

I feel that our good work is about to be disrupted due to some of this ‘tagging’ which has recently appeared on the dam near the dry balancing pond. This haunt is also used by the locals who enjoy a ‘smoke’, watching some football (must have great wi-fi), and generally milling about but the graffiti is a recent development since this Saturday 14th November 2020.

large tag  

low wall

You can see for yourself in the photographs.

It is very unsightly and does not help build towards the natural environment the Friends… is working to protect. Also, in all your particular wards, you may have seen similar tags, again detracting from the good work, aiming to build into community cohesion. If we can stop this here at Saintbridge Nature Reserve with your help, perhaps we can reduce vandalism locally in the surrounding Gloucester wards.

The solution to halting this initial vandalism could be the following.



Initially, I have informed local councilors, PCSO’s, and Gloucestershire City Council. I have received a favourable response from one councilor who is willing to help.

Could the local PCSO’s find out who’s tag this is and let them know that they are welcome to use the natural green space but not to spoil it for the general visiting public. Possibly a warning not to do it again. Also, more walking patrols around the pond (weekends and evenings) and surrounding areas to deter any anti-social behaviour. (including motorbike activity around the back of Birch avenue residential gardens adjacent to the river Twyver.) You are more likely to hear it than see it.

I am also requesting that a Gloucester City Council clear up team come out and please remove this graffiti and then treat the wall with an anti-graffiti spray on the surrounding walls so it will be effective against future attacks.


Here is some of the good work we’ve carried out quite recently, making part of a well-defined path to the spinney safe for all walkers. The path was becoming very dangerous so we put down a safe surface with available materials.


If you have never visited us, please come and have a look at the spinney, wet meadow, and wonderful wildfowl found on the reserve. If you want to find out more information about our group, please visit our website at


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Next Door.

best regards to all.

FOSP vice chair & acting secretary