Surveys & Studies

Fancy help us doing a survey or a study of ecological and environmental elements that make up the Saintbridge Nature Reserve ??

It is the intention of FOSP and its members that surveys of the flora and fauna are performed at some stage in order that a record of the inhabitants is made available for studies into the ecological and environmental condition and development of the Saintbridge Pond Nature Reserve as it matures. (see also our Species page for current working survey files).

The data will provide the FOSP Head Warden with an indication (impact assessment) of what is needed to enable all [indigenous] species to survive and flourish in a relatively small Nature Reserve so that as many species are able to be seen by the public and so enable them to increase their knowledge about the wildlife on their doorstep.

Surveys and studies can be performed by any member of the public that has an interest in ecology and the environment. Please approach the Head Warden for guidance and help or use the ‘Contact‘ page for us to get in touch with you.

Further documents will be updated when they become available – surveys and studies take time and patience – please bear with us.

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