Thank You

Dear Donator

Thank you for the donation you have made towards maintaining the Saintbridge Pond Nature Reserve. We thank you for your valued contribution and assure you that 100% of the money you have donated goes to this cause.

For over twenty years Friends of Saintbridge Pond have maintained the pond and the surrounding area as well as cared for the wildlife that can be seen here. Birds to foxes, they all live and thrive in the wonderful calm environment.

Local residents are very keen to help and keep a watchful eye in our absence, visitors are always welcome and any of the FOSP Team of helper will be happy to discuss the work we do and if you wish, how you can become involved.

We are proud to have acheived a Green Flag award in 2017 after over 20 years of dedicated hard work from members of the Team. Thank you once again for contributing to our success and please do come and say hello one day, you’ll always find a warm welcome.

Ken, Friends of Saintbridge Pond