Each weekend the work is different

FOSP volunteers working to keep the Twyver flowing into the Saintbridge Pond to ensure the flood prevention system functions as it should.




Volunteers and members coming together for a refreshments break around the Saintbridge Pond allotment after completing a few tasks on the Sunday workday. (see calendar for next meeting)

Why not join us all on the first or third Sunday of a month at the Saintbridge Pond, and you’ll find us spread around the pond undertaking various jobs or preparing the tea and cakes at the allotment, ask us any questions you like, you can even roll up your sleeves and you’ll welcome to join in. You’ll be briefed by one of our members on the work we do and how it is best done.

You get to make new friends, talk to locals and work with the Council, Police and Fire Service who all regularly visit the pond and nature reserve for one reason or another. It’s always a fun day out, we have a laugh and have over the past twenty years made a BIG difference to the pond and surrounding area turning it into a recognised Nature Reserve.

Older children are welcome to join in as long as they are accompanied and fully supervised by parents, but because of the dangers of water and drowning younger children cannot be involved and we are sure you understand for safety reasons we retain the right to refuse younger children access for their own safety.

Last year (2017/18), our efforts were rewarded by gaining the coveted Green Flag Award for raising the standard of the adjoining park and surrounding green space. To find out more about what volunteering entails you can either call Ken on 07541 920229, or email our organisation secretary, Will Apperley for details secretary@fosp.org.uk

We look forward to maybe seeing you around the pond some day soon, even if it is just for a wander round, see what we’re doing, and if your tempted to join in you’ll be most welcome. The FOSP team comprise of people from all walks of life, communities all coming together for the betterment of Saintbridge Pond, its inhabitants and the surrounding park and green space.

Alternatively, you could help by donating a few pounds to boost our project funds for equipment and plants  – we cannot do our work without it – thank you.

Mother and baby swans