Hi Everyone,

It was brought to the committee’s attention that someone was fishing last week near where the duck, swans, gulls, & terns are fed. We’ve only been able to retrieve the float and hook this morning. As you can see from the picture, it is quite sizable and would do a lot of damage to any of the wildfowl if it had got in their gullet. The hook would tear into the delicate tissues causing an agonizing death and the lead shot would poison the affected birds if they had been able to get at it. Luckily it was caught on the bottom and The Friends…. were able to remove it

This fishing line was pulled out by the feeding area and COULD KILL OR MAIM a Swan or Duck. There is no FIshing allowed anywhere in the nature reserve boundaries.

A couple of years ago we had a swan killed due to the recklessness of a fisherman and this was dealt with very efficiently. From then on, all mature fish was removed from the reserve and signs have gone up showing no fishing (yes, they are there if you look!!). We appeal to a little common sense and decency are asking those people who like to fish to use the purpose-built pond at Coney Hill park, just off Metz way.

Using the website https://what3words.com/ Esther’s lake can be found below.

It would be greatly appreciated by all if you use this site.  but please enjoy looking at the wonderful scenery around the reserve.

The reeds across the pond Feb 2021